A fall morning at MSES

Last Thursday, through walking the halls of Middletown Springs Elementary school, you could sense that there was not only learning in the air, but a sense of giddiness. Why, you may ask? Because it was the last day where Vermont would experience sunshine and 80 degree weather!

While the students were waiting patiently for outside recess, they were still concentrated on their work. Especially in third and fourth grade, where they were creating posters based on the book they were reading for independent reading. In first grade, students were working on Lexia. In Pre-K, students were silently reading while they waited to go to P.E. class. You could even hear the sweet sounds of music through the lessons from Mrs. Cutler.

However, once students were able to get outside, you probably could hear their voices from miles away! From the swing set to the soccer field, students were certainly enjoying the beautiful day. All their hard work throughout the morning was certainly well rewarded!

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