Reading & A Special Guest

Yesterday at MSES, there was plenty of reading happening throughout the school. Mr. Beal was reading to second grade; students certainly were enjoying this, asking questions and being very attentive. Pre-K was in music class, learning about dancing and they even got up and did some dancing to the music Mr. Rogers was playing. Kindergarten was just getting onto their Chromebooks to work on Lexia.

In first grade, Mr. Kainen was reading a picture book that did not have any words. After he finished the book, there was a special guest who came into the classroom to teach the students about herbs. They learned that herbs can be used in culinary, or for medicinal purposes. The students were able to smell and feel different pizza herbs; thyme, rosemary, oregano, and basil. Afterwards, students enjoyed a herbal tea.

In third and fourth grade, students were working on worksheets either independently or in a group.

However, the highlight of the day was there was a very special guest in the building: Brookie Trout the Therapy Dog. Her and her handler visited the second grade room, kindergarten, and Pre-K. Students were able to learn what it takes for a dog to become a therapy dog, the types of places she can go, and the type of work she specializes in (which, in case anyone is wondering, she is trained to work with students of all ages, including college students). They were able to pet Brooke, ask questions, and even a few students receives some sloppy dog kisses from her. Even the staff enjoyed her company at the school.

It was certainly an exciting morning at MSES. Check out the highlights below!

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