Student Chromebook and Teacher Machine Collection Summer 2021

Considering the heavy reliance on technology during this COVID crisis, it is essential that the GRCSU Information Technology Department collect, clean, repair and/or replace the devices we have handed out to everyone.
Students who require a device for summer session will be issued a device after it is first collected and the serial number and assessment of condition is noted. This could be a quick check-in / check-out if staff are present at collection.
* Please see your local school communications or web sites for changes in collection dates and times or requirements. *
These are currently the collection dates / schedule / instructions per building:
Middletown Springs: End of the day, June 14th
Poultney ES: End of the day June 10th, return required to receive report card
Poultney HS: End of the day June 10th 
Proctor HS: June 7th for 12th Grade, June 11th for the remaining grades with June 14th the final cutoff for those making up incomplete work.  
Proctor ES: Friday June 11th
Rutland Town: June 11th for 8th Grade, June 7th to June 11th for K-7
Wells Village: Monday June 14th
West Rutland: Grades K-6 – June 10th
Grades 7-12 – As proficiencies are met by Mrs. Charron (ongoing)
All other WRS remote students – Need to turn in Chromebooks prior to a report card being mailed home or a schedule produced for the fall. These can be dropped off at school any weekday from 7am to 2pm.
* Also please remember to bring your power adapter and case if you have one!! * 
Please put the student’s name on a piece of paper under the lid. Return forms are not required. Staff in the building will do their best to record returns accurately, but if you know of something wrong with the machine, please report it!
ALL staff members should leave their school issued devices and chargers. Those who need a device for summer work should notify the tech department and/or school administration to make arrangements. A lot of the issues we encounter with teacher devices tend to be due to “deferred maintenance” on these devices. Many out there are slotted for replacement as well.
Also FYI – Fall 2021 will continue the 1:1 Chromebook / Take-home program and this will become the norm going forward. We are NOT reverting back to in-building storage during the school year.

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